copyright 2003
by Chiemi Haman

You are the Alpha and Omega
You are Love
The black, the gray, the white
The Morning Star from above.

Rising above
While descending below.

We pleaded for Your Heart
Man of the Hour
But when you arrived
We tried to kill Your saving power

Rising above
While hanging head down low.

You took our poison arrows
Through your bleeding Heart
And turned them into
Truth, Beauty, Art

Rising in Love
While we simply watched You go.

Now we pray to the Solitary One
Somewhere in the sky
While You live among us
Hidden in our eyes.

Rising, swelling, with so much Love
While yearning for us to know...

Not the Man of the Hour...
Your tender, beating Heart.

"He was in the world, and the world came to be through Him, but the world did not know Him. He came to what was His own, but His own people did not accept Him." John 1:10-11.

Walk of Faith Book Cover

Walk of Faith opens up for the reading audience one woman's journey to find God, with God's help, through a series of three near-death experiences and miracles. These miracles are followed by a supernatural battle leading to appearances of Jesus. He gave this young woman many lessons in life, clarifying them with visions, Scripture, and prayer. These lessons are meant for everyone, especially devout believers and those sitting on the fence of belief. All who learn these lessons will grow in faith in God our Father and in Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit. Walk of Faith is a journey through the spiritual life of the author, who says that Jesus invites all to come to believe in Him. Her near-death experiences taught her that there is an afterlife, from the mud pit of Hell to the heavenly light of Heaven.

Here is an excerpt from my book of one of my near-death experiences:

"...Just then, I felt that I was coming out of my body. I realized that I was not in the tunnel of light, like my second near-death experience, but was standing right in the light, with darkness all around. I looked down at myself and saw that I was a golden color. Then I realized that Jesus and a Lady angel were there in front of me, also golden. Only at that time, I didn't realize that it was Jesus. He said to me, "You may stay with us now." I suddenly felt very inadequate...."

After my near-death experiences, I was visited by Jesus many times, and he would teach me lessons, which I would write down...

"...Just then I heard Jesus say, "I desire Mercy, not sacrifice", as He said in the Bible in Matthew 9:13. I waited. He said, "Most people think they are doing something wonderful, by making such a sacrifice, and it feels like such a sacrifice, the things they do to help others. They even mention that they indeed are making a sacrifice. I don't desire this, because the focus is on yourself, not the recipient. I desire mercy, not sacrifice. What [Michelle] did, she did joyously from her heart, with love, and it wasn't a sacrifice at all. This is Mercy. This is what I desire. Whenever you feel in your heart that you are making a sacrifice, step it up to Mercy, and you will see the difference, and win God's Heart."

About the Author

Chiemi HamanMy name is Chiemi Lynn Haman. My book, Walk of Faith, is autobiographical, and it is my desire that readers will place themselves in my position and take this journey to find God, for He is very near to each of us! It is important to believe in Heaven, and to believe in it with your whole heart, until the day that Jesus returns, or the day you are taken up into Heaven. Believe in Heaven, no matter what faith you are. Don't let the Devil win. Believe. Believe in Heaven with all your heart! I hope my book inspires people who are struggling with their faith or with life. Thank you!

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"Above all, love each other deeply..." 1 Peter 4:8

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